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Breaking Bad hailed as ‘empowering’ by people with disabilities

waltjnr-200Breaking Bad which aired its final episode in the US on 25 September 2013 was consistently described as the best show on television . It was also recognised by Australian television viewers with a disability in a recent survey investigating representations of disability on television and the opportunities the new digital environment offers in terms of accessibility features, writes Katie Ellis.

Disability is not worse than death

disabilitydeath200The words of an iconic Australian song miss the mark when it comes to the message sent about people living with disability, writes Moira Byrne.

What We Can Learn from Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

landmine200She’s risked death and injury in Central America and famously called US President Bill Clinton a ‘weenie’ for refusing to sign the ban on landmines. Jody Williams’ success in galvanising nations is a testament to what can be achieved with dedicated activism, writes David Swanson.

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