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US hog farm pollution threatens human health and the environment

Hog farms in North Carolina are wreaking havoc on the state – affecting the local environment, wildlife and human health. The voluminous pollution generated by hog farms is a growing problem in the US and is intensified by the modern system of factory farming, writes John McCabe.

Peak oil: A chance to change the world

For advice about life after graduation, students at Worcester Polytechnic wanted to hear from peak oil scholar Richard Heinberg instead of Exxon’s CEO. Here’s what he told them.

Australia: Losing the carbon price debate may lead to an early election

The carbon tax debate is an opportunity for Prime Minister Gillard to take real leadership on climate change issues and legislate to reduce emissions and to greatly expand renewable energy production, writes Leila Barreto.

One more year for the Bluefin tuna

BluefinDue to a lucrative market for their meat, and the involvement of organised crime networks, the majestic Bluefin tuna, one of the giants of fish world, is said to be facing near extinction within the year – but not if Sea Shepherd has its way, writes Lilia Letsch.

Radiation: The future children of Fukushima

RadiationPlutonium remains a threat to future civilizations. This reckless, uncontrolled release of radioactive isotopes has fouled the earth, writes Joe Giambrone.

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