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Israelis call for boycott of Israel

A group of Israeli citizens and residents, Palestinians and Jews has called on world governments and civil society organizations to take concrete and immediate steps to pressure Israel not to interfere with the ship MV Rachel Corrie, which is currently on route to Gaza, or any future vessel sailing from international waters to the Gaza strip.

“We work in our society to raise the voices of conscience and dissent in light of the hostility, self-righteousness and racism which dominate it, but these efforts are not sufficient” the group, Boycott Israel, said in a media release. 

“The international community's tragic failure in ending Israel's impunity - especially after the massacre of more than 1400 Palestinians in Gaza over a year ago - is the key enabler of the latest crime performed by the Israeli government and military leaders, killing at least nine people and wounding dozens. 

“Only if its support, funding and international ties are put in jeopardy will Israel reconsider its policy of violence and collective punishment against the Palestinian civilians and their many supporters from abroad.” 

Boycott Israel said the MV Rachel Corrie is carrying cement, a material banned by Israel which is indispensable for the reconstruction of Gaza after much of its buildings have been destroyed during Israel's latest assault on Gaza. 

“MV Rachel Corrie's name was chosen to commemorate the life of the international activist who was squashed to death by an Israeli military bulldozer in Gaza, on March 16th, 2003,” the statement said. “Corrie was non-violently attempting to prevent the Israeli army from demolishing the home of local pharmacist Samir Nasrallah. 

“In memory of the dead and for the sake of the living - now is the time to set free 1.5 million prisoners in the open-air prison set by Israel, prisoners whose sole “crime” is being Palestinian in the Gaza strip. It would only be fitting that MV Rachel Corrie's accomplished journey would serve both to commemorate the lives lost on the MV Marmara as well as to carry out the mission of breaking the siege on Gaza.” 

The Boycott Israel’s appeal is supported by Israeli, Palestinian and Jewish individuals as well as the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians and Bay Area Women in Black

Visit Boycott Israel for more information.


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