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Recommended Listening: June 2010

MusicgenericEnjoy this month's collection of eclectic sounds.






Midnight Juggernauts
The Crystal Axis

midnightjuggernauts_coverWhat a difference a couple of years makes!

The Crystal Axis is the second studio release for the Melbourne outfit.

It is stronger, darker and more polished than their previous work.

The band has certainly evolved from the electro dance numbers of Dystopia, with the guys’ international touring certainly showing its influence.

For some this album may be a little too serious, a little too in the shadows, with little colour and contrast.

Though for true fans of Midnight Juggernauts, this record will remain on high rotation.




The Dance

faithless_coverFaithless could sing about supermarket specials and they’d still have an audience.

The Dance is album number six for the UK group, and their first album in more than four years.

Despite their absence, Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Roll have lost no ground. They are still unique in their style, and they still do more than impress.

The Dance is just sublime. Maxi Jazz continues his word twists amid a gentle carpet of electronic wizardry.

The album is pure Faithless genius. One of the top albums of 2010 hands down.




LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

LCD-soundsystem_coverThis is it folks.

This Is Happening is said to be the third and last studio album from LCD Soundsystem.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” I hear you scream. “I know, I feel your pain!” I scream in reply.

LCD Soundsystem has been an antidote for life’s little crappy moments for many years, and without them things will just suck again.

Alas, let’s cross our fingers that boredom will set in and force the fellas to record another album.

However, if that doesn’t happen, This Is Happening, is a beautiful farewell.

The album is a wondrous collection of insane sonic delight.




Cloud Control
Bliss Release
Ivy League

cloudcontrol_coverCloud Control has killed it with this album.

Bliss Release is one of the most impressive debut albums of the moment.

The band has such a handle on their indie folk style and sound they could be mistaken for old hands.

Cloud Control has a freedom that is playful without being childish.

Their liking of hand clapping, sing-song choruses and occasional ‘whoops’, while not new, suits them perfectly.

Bliss Release is a true delight.





Lights Around You

schimmelbusch_coverNew Order fans will delight in the styles of new Aussie outfit Schimmelbusch.

Part indie pop, part electro whiz kids, Schimmelbusch, has made quite an entrance with their debut EP, Lights Around You.

The four track release offers quite the treat.

Across the tracks there is a heady mix of glam-tronic synth, solid vocals and super sublime melody.

For a first time release, Lights Around You, is a winner. 

Schimmelbusch - remember the name.




The Beautiful Girls

beautifulgirls_coverThe Beautiful Girls have returned with quite a feast.

Spooks is an exciting release from the now seasoned Aussies.

It is a complex and multi-layered record that dances freely between rich reggae beats and space travel.

The evolution of The Beautiful Girls is constant, with the band unafraid to tackle new styles.

One moment the band channel a downtown street fair with fast beats and trumpet sounds beautifully punching through samples, the next sonic asteroids drift past, and then lulling folk melodies hit our ears.

Spooks is a must have mixed bag of brilliance.



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