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Recommended Listening May 2010

MusicgenericEnjoy this month's collection of eclectic sounds.




Uncovered 2: A unique collection of cool covers
Ministry of Sound 

Uncovered_coverThis is without a doubt the best modern day covers album ever released. 

The incredible song selection is equally matched by the brilliant choice of artists. 

From Friendly Fires version of Lykke Li’s ‘I'm Good, I'm Gone’ to Florence and The Machine’s version of Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ to The Flaming Lips take on Madonna’s ‘Borderline’, this album has more twists and turns than a game of snakes and ladders. 

It even has some surprise gems in Ben Lee’s sublime version of ‘Kids’ by MGMT, and Angus and Julia Stone’s Grease lightning moment with ‘You’re The One That I Want’. 

There is little else to say except own this album.




The Futureheads
The Chaos

the_futureheads_coverStrap yourself in The Futureheads mean business. 

The UK outfit are a ball of modern day punk rock energy. 

Each track off this album just springs into action with drums, vocals and guitars bashing about like overexcited kids in a mosh pit. 

There isn’t one moment of rest on this release - The Futureheads really do give it their all. 

Pure and simple, The Chaos is superb.





Xavier Rudd & Izintaba
Koonyum Sun

xavier_rudd_coverXavier Rudd has a presence about him that belies his years. 

The Aussie singer has such an incredible spiritualness to his music - the sounds seem to almost come to life. 

Koonyum Sun sees Rudd shift away from the rock sounds of his previous release ‘Dark Shades’ with the heat of his past experiment now running into a stripped back, cooler offering. 

There is an intensely beautiful energy that slithers across the beats, drones, and vocals of this album like a snake moving through sand. 

Perhaps it’s just what comes with a new album, or perhaps it’s his connection with new rhythm section, Izintaba, though Rudd seems more at peace. 

Koonyum Sun is simply stunning.




Sleepy Sun
ATP Recordings 

Sleepy_Sun_Fever_coverSleepy Sun are a wondrous creature. 

There is something quite untamed yet delicate about the US outfit and this release. 

Like a wild beast, their 70s psychedelic rock transfixes you with thrashing guitar solos shrieking to the point of no return. 

Yet in the next breath the beast has been calmed, and the band’s gentle shoe-gazing style takes over. 

While such extremes could sound quite jarring, the careful arrangement of the album allows for the mixing of genres. 

Sleepy Sun make for a delightful slow burner.



Bertie Blackman
B sides

bertie_blackman_coverIn some cases remix albums can spell the beginning of the end for an artist. 

Though with the talent of Bertie Blackman any new release is not only welcomed, it is grabbed at with both hands. 

‘B sides’ is a remix of the Aussie singer’s latest album, Secret and Lies. 

In short, the release is as strong as Blackman’s original album though for different reasons. 

Unlike Blackman’s own album, this release amplifies the creative genius of a handful of djs and producers. 

As with the original, the hits just keep on coming for Blackman, this album proving to be yet another masterpiece.


elevenlogo300Music reviews by Kate Kachor at Eleven Magazine


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