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Recommended Listening: April 2010

MusicgenericEnjoy this month's collection of eclectic sounds. 






Head First

goldfrapp-coverAlison Goldfrapp is as close to a musical genius as they come.

One half of UK outfit, Goldfrapp, she is not only the face of the duo but also the voice - and what a voice!

The band’s latest record, their fifth, reveals yet another layer of their brilliance.

Soaked in 80s glam pop, Head First, couldn't be more different from Goldfrapp’s previous glorious record, Seventh Tree.

Though those familiar with Goldfrapp will recognise their ease in reincarnation. 

From ethereal atmospheric space cadet sounds, to sassy pop and now this, Goldfrapp are eternal champions.


The Break
Church Of The Open Sky

thebreak_coverThe Break are a class above the rest and with the band’s musical pedigree split between Midnight Oil and The Violent Femmes it’s truly little surprise. 

From the moment you hit play, the psychedelic sounds of The Break’s beach culture hits you like fresh ocean spray.

The Break are a tight outfit that sound so intensely wild and incredible only a night witnessing them live could be better. 

The album’s twists and turns is enough to tempt you to grab your board and hang ten.

The Break are a must have. Bring on album two! 


The John Butler Trio
April Uprising
Jarrah Records 

jbt_cover-artApril Uprising is one of the most anticipated albums of 2010. 

There is no doubt band front man, John Butler, is a man with a plan though it was still surprising a new trio was named just as a new album was scheduled. 

It would be an understatement to say April Uprising is yet another masterpiece for Butler and his trio. 

The album travels from track to track with ease as though tied together by an imaginary thread. 

With an increase of pace and definitely more fun, April Uprising pushes past the band’s previous record, Grand National, offering an exciting boost as the band embraces a new chapter of sound. 


The Beautiful Girls
Die!Boredom Records 

tbg_spooks_coverThe Beautiful Girls are a tough nut to crack.

The Sydney outfit conquered laid back folk rock on their debut, only to turn up the dial a notch with a rock offering on their second release.

The trio’s latest offering, 10:10, is yet another change for the band. 

The single is the first to be lifted off the band’s new studio album, Spooks, due for release in May. 

If 10:10 is an indication of what to expect of Spooks, the band is set to embrace their laid back roots, with the single chilling with a killer reggae vibe. 

Nice work fellas.




danimalsThe story behind this single is one full of warm fuzzys. 

In short, the Sydney band was selected by super producer Mark Ronson to jet to New York to write and record a track as part of a beer campaign. 

The finished product was Fox, a highly produced, full to the brim, bells and whistles indie sensation. 

It seriously has everything - harmonies to die for, a killer melody and a tempo to get any booty shaking.

If you do not immediately love this single then music is just not your thing.


elevenlogo300Music reviews by Kate Kachor at Eleven Magazine 




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