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Recommended Listening: March 2010

MusicgenericEnjoy this month's collection of eclectic sounds.






The Knife
Tomorrow, In A Year

the_knife_coverThe epic proportions of this release defy measurement. 

The Knife’s latest offering, Tomorrow, In A Year, is a feast for the senses. 

Born out of work the Swedish electronic outfit undertook while writing the music for Danish performance group, Hotel Pro Forma’s opera based on Charles Darwin and his book, ‘On the Origin of the Species’, this release left me speechless. 

While The Knife is known for their artist flair, this release not only pushes the boundaries of combining classical operatic movement with electronica, it boldly bucks the bounds of what we understand to be sound. 

Tomorrow, In A Year will no doubt divide many, though as it should, it will ultimately conquer.




Matt Van Schie
Balmy Nights
Bandroom Records

matt_van_schie_coverMatt Van Schie is some what of a musical Casanova. 

Up until now Van Schie would be best known as the tall bloke from Sydney outfit, Van She. 

However, after a first listen to his debut solo EP, Van Schie could well find himself catapulted onto ‘the next best thing’ list. 

Balmy Nights is a highly produced release that is as clever as it is enjoyable. 

While there are similarities to Van She’s sound, more than a hint of 80s synth influence, a drop in tempo, focus on harmonies and cute lyrics are enough to avoid further comparisons. 

Balmy Nights is a solid first effort for Van Schie.




Bertie Blackman
Forum 5

bertie_blackman_coverBertie Blackman has breathed new life into Siouxsie & The Banshees’s single. 

Blackman’s cover of the 1988 track is a perfect extension to the UK band’s original. 

The Sydney singer’s vocals parade across the track with delicious purpose, offering experimental sounds with multi layers that keeps the energy alive. 

For a track that is relatively light on lyrics, Blackman has excelled. 

It’s clear from this cover that Blackman’s is comfortable with her transition from a rock chick to an artist willing to take risks.




Riva Starr
If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade
Sony Music

riva_starr_coverRiva Starr is what happens when you mix cheeky humour with house music. 

Starr is the musical moniker for Italian DJ and producer Stefano Miele. 

His latest release, If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade, is a hoot. 

Part soundtrack for a Meditation contiki tour, and part dance floor sensation, Starr’s record is full of fun, funk and tongue in cheek laughs. 




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