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Music: December


autokratz-animalFrom the first listen, it’s clear this album will be a favourite. AutoKratz’s album Animal is a brilliant mix of electronica. There is only a small worry with too much AutoKratz - it may blow your head off. The mix of sounds, while brilliantly mental in its delivery, is a lot to take in. Amid the blitz and crashing together of electro fuzz, bumps and polished static comes increased tempo, peppered at times with vocals. And if the electronica doesn’t get you, the sublime synth of tracks such as Always More will. Yet what is so good about this record is that it all works - the pace, the tempo and the amount of craziness is perfectly timed. 




How to Tame Lions

washingtonMegan Washington is quite the talent. The Aussie singer is the voice behind Washington, an indie pop dream. How to Tame Lions is Washington’s debut release. First track Cement is a sassy little number that packs a punch. The title track, How to Tame Lions is just a dream for the senses. The track is a sonic journey for anyone with four minutes to spare. It is quite possibly the catchiest little ditty that I’ve heard in a long time. While perhaps sharing a little bit of the Lily Allen vibe, with the grunt and freedom of her lyrics, Washington stands tall without need for further comparison. Washington’s music is the type that you’d imagine would sprout wings and take flight, it’s just that magical. 


You only live once
Sneaky Sundays

you only live onceFlicking through the list of names on You Only Live Once is slightly exhausting. The side project for Angus McDonald aka Black Angus of Sneaky Sound System, You Only Live Once, is pretty impressive. The two-disc release features a white hot line up of the who’s who in electro pop. Angus and Dangerous Dan share the DJ duties on the release, with Angus taking the reins of disc one. Disc one continues remixes of La Roux’s Quicksand, Simian Mobile Discos Audacity of Huge, Little Boots Earthquake, Crystal Fighters, Xtatic Truth, and two tracks from Sneaky Sound System, I Just Don’t Wanna Be Loved, and It’s Not My Problem. Dangerous Dan is in charge of disc two which features, among others, Bag Raidders Shooting Stars, Knightlife’s Crusader, Shit Robots Simple Things, Fake Blood’s I Think I Like That, The Lowbrow’s Dream in the Desert and Mylo’s Drop The Pressure.


Bertie Blackman
Secrets and Lies

bertie-blackman1For some Bertie Blackman is a revelation, for others she is just doing what she does best. Blackman’s latest release, Secrets and Lies, is her best work to date. Unlike her debut release, Secrets and Lies is an album that sounds and feels complete. I'm not casting wayward remarks over that the singer’s debut, Black. In its own right, Black, was pure genius. It elevated the singer to a status she is now only fully starting to enjoy. Though there is just something uniquely fantastic about Blackman’s second record. Lead-off single, Heart, could well be what puts Blackman on the map. With its click-clack backing, bleeps it shows the direct shift towards an electro sound for the singer. The acoustic thread that ran through Black has been upgraded for a sound that electrifies. The combination of the singer’s voice - oh what a voice - and her mash up of electronica and indie pop is just winning. Bird of Prey kicks off the album with a grace and groove that's superb. The single, Thump, offers an equally brilliant array of soulful vocals and take no prisoner attitude. Blackman is the type of singer that pushes boundaries for her own sake and no one else. 


The Basics
Keep Your Friends Close

the basicsWhat an exciting mob this three piece has become. There is a spark of greatness that shoots through this record at thundering speed. Their cool mixture of harmony driven song, acoustic and amplified sound make The Basicss' music is an easy choice. The band harbours a sound reminiscent of The Kinks, The Beatles with a touch of modern day. First track, Fear of Failure, is a soulful journey beautifully framed by gentle guitars. With This Ship picks up the tempo, with a brilliant shower of drums, guitar layers, guitar solo and humourous back chatter. It’s hard to not notice the influence of one of the members, Wally da baker aka gotye, in the band’s sound. The No.1 Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today is another smashing track. The continuous drum beats create an exhilarating pace, perfectly added by a stand out vocal mixed with backing harmony. Keep Your Friends Close is a must have.




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