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Riots and romance: thoughts on journalism, revolution and the anti-cuts movement

RiotsJournalismA real campaigning journalist should be able to amplify unheard voices without distorting them, and it’s crucial that hacks involved or interested in resistance movements hold ourselves closely to that standard, writes Laurie Penny.

Chasing the story: Photographer David Degner

XinjiangChinaDuring the course of his four years as a freelance photographer, David Degner has travelled to China, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan, Libya, Palestine, Jordan, and Canada. Most recently he was commissioned by the Wall Street Journal to document the protests in Egypt and Libya. He spoke with Heather Cowherd.

Convergence: one device to rule them all

DeviceConvergencyWith exciting advances in mobile technologies enabling personal device manufacturers to do more with less, Melody Ayres-Griffiths looks into her digital crystal ball to predict how convergence may look, and how we might get there.

Media industry continues to struggle with gender equality

WomenMediaNew research shows women are still underrepresented in the majority of newsrooms across the globe, writes Andrea Lunt.

Direct Hacktion: Interview with hacker Richard Stallman

Hacker and founder of the Free Software movement and activist for digital-software-information freedom, Richard Stallman talks to SchNews about copyleft, Creative Commons, the contradictions of using big-name IT giants’ products for social justice activities and making software free.

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