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Jailed reporters at 14-year high: CPJ

Reporter_JailThe number of reporters in detention around the world has reached the highest level in 14 years, with China and Iran claiming top spots as jailhouses for journalists, according to the annual Attacks on the Press report released by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), writes Andrea Lunt.

It’s time to abandon the internet

internetThe internet is no longer an uncontrollable, decentralized free-for-all, and we need to get on with the business of creating something else that is, writes Douglas Rushkoff.

Social networking will change the world

SocialnetworkingFacebook, Twitter and other forms of social networking are tools we can use to make the world a more fair and just place – but only if we widen our networks and allow the voices of marginalised people to come through. Deanna Zandt provides some strategies on how to be a useful agent of change.

Grieving in the age of Facebook

Grieving_FacebookWhat does it mean to be memorialized as a good – not great, not awful – man? And can we let go of loved ones when they stay online? Katie Baker reports.

BBC: Victim of McCarthyism

BBCComparing the BBC to a militant communist movement has become standard slander for the right-wing who believe everything ought to be up for grabs by shareholder-run corporations, and disagree that information should be a basic human right, writes Jay Baker.

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