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Erasing yourself from the net: the Right to Oblivion

OblivionRecent weeks have seen much debate over the French government’s proposed “Une Charte sur le Droit à l'Oubli”, which would grant the individual the right to ‘erase’ themselves from the internet upon their death. Melody Ayres-Griffiths looks at the benefits, side effects and downsides to this radical, evolving concept.

Business media missed the moment on GFC

BusinessmagsThe press, like so many of our institutions, fell short in the years leading up to the worst financial crisis in 80 years, writes Ryan Chittum.

Wirtland: Fantasy or reality?

WirtlandOnline micro-nation Wirtland is developing a physical presence on the island of Naura. But how sustainable – or feasible – are micro-nations? asks Kate Doak.

Nothing about us without us: Mainstream media take note

StolenAmy Chua and Leslie Feinberg are two recent insidious examples of mainstream media and publishing companies deliberately distorting the true stories of individuals to retell them in a way that confirms the existing stereotypes of their audience – a practice that needs to be stamped out, write Laurie Toby Edison and Debbie Notkin.

Deaths revealed by Wikileaks are tip of an iceberg

WikileaksHundreds of thousands of unreported Iraqi deaths have been detected by scientific epidemiological studies, but the US and British governments have successfully suppressed these studies by confusing the media and the public about their methods and accuracy, writes Nicolas Davies.

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