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The problem with vitamin supplements: part 4

In the fourth part of his series, Dr Pieter Dahler explains how the food and food supplement making industry tends to sabotage our health.

11 June 2011

It is hypothesized that the incompatibility of artificially generated energetics of laboratory made supplements, do not match up with the critical need for a bio-compatible energetics exchange of nutrients at the cells’ membranes sites.

Others and I can “prove” it to be so with bio-diagnostic kinesiology testing.

I have been asked often why we at the Foundation use kinesiology. Over 40 years I have learned and taught that we get more precise information about the body and mind by testing the energetic foundation of all living things.

At the beginning of working with natives (in 1971) and where possible, I would take blood etc. samples. But long enough distances away from civilization and the lack of proper cooling ability of the samples caused test-reliability problems.

I then began to correlate for two years, the lab results by “asking questions” of the body with kinesiology. I will explain in the next article how I did this and how that method actually gave more answers than were not possible to be gained by the lab results alone.

For now you will find these two interesting, informative links about kinesiology (muscle testing).

This one link is from one of the greatest mentor and developer of kinesiology.

Always remember those glycol-protein antennae discussed in part 2 of this series. Are you true to them or are you trying to fool them with your chosen supplements?

Here is a link to what we microscopically observe as antennas on our cells’ membranes. They allow the membranes to “see” (sense) the energetics of the foods’ nutrients coming, and if they do not believe (perceive) it is as compatible, voila, a short circuit occurs.

It is as if you sent 220 volts into a gadget that needs 110 volts, it will explode.

The double outer membranes’ ion channels may stay closed as well and not let nutrients inside.

The multiple delivery and carry-away systems are interrupted.

If you remember that the ever vigilant hypothalamus gland in your brain already had sensed and subsequently signaled the whole body that the drive-by shooting gang of artificial supplements was going to come into the body, then understand that the cells already shut down the operation of their outer membranes.

What happens if the hypothalamus is not functioning properly?

That happens more than we realize. The question is how long the cells can protect themselves against the blazing guns of artificiality without resulting in noticeable body dysfunction due to generalized nutrient deficiencies.

That often can take many years, and it is a slow chipping away at the “marble” of your being. I say, ‘till dust do you part’.

This time factor fools us into thinking that our nutrition misbehavior has no impact on our health.

You may say that you feel better when taking your supplements, and I completely agree that they can make you feel that way.

However, a very large component of “feeling better” has a Placebo factor in it, to the tune of 60% or more.

The food supplement manufacturing industry is improperly, uncaringly, and unethically taking advantage of this very real placebo effect, just as Big Pharma does with drugs.

Doctors do this with clever, but well intended encouraging words.

Manufactures proclaim loudly that their tablet products work by relying on (subjective) claims from the consumers using or testing their products.

But they do not test these people before and after taking their supplements for the more subtle and real effects on their blood, urine and hair (for a mineral uptake history) biochemistry readings.

Let us face it, we are all part of a grand ongoing experiment in perpetrating confusion and deceit. Know, however, that these companies are carefully observing how far they can push us around.

And remember that they do so where we lead themwith our taste buds.

“If you cannot convince them, confuse them” -- Harry Truman, 33rd President of the USA.

As a scientist and clinician I need proof on a biological-biochemical level.

I describe how that might be done in the August 2010 issue of The Scavenger.

What I discuss in that article is what I call “The 80/20 and 5/90/80 Rules”. These are more refined ways to “measure”, observe, and thus understand people.

Our blood, urine and hair are full of UFIsUnidentified Functional Information that is.

These rules were developed over 40 years by our Foundation’s doctors and scientists, with a huge credit to decades of laying the groundwork for this understanding by others before us.

The ParaConundrum #1 is that people can feel great when using such artificially made supplements, but their biochemistry is still rather imbalanced.

(A Paradox is a possibility that may have inevitable or unforeseen consequences. A conundrum is facing a difficult decision.)

Now, take a deep breath to read the following:

A ParaConundrum is one in which the possibility of a relief from a health challenge with drugs or non-natural supplements, comes with the inevitable occurring of “I-feel-better-already” side effects, which causes the fooling of a suffering person (and a huge population for that matter) into thinking and believing that s/he is getting better, while the doctor or therapist who suggested the treatment knows (may know, should know) that the “improving” symptoms are actually the result of a placebo effect or a re-tracing reaction, without proving it with real bio-chemical, clinical proof, and then the suffering person may in time get worse.

Let me explain this long statement, but first these two items

1.      The Conundrum Question: should these therapists always tell about the placebo effect?

2.       I dare to say that I agree with doctors who state that supplements “are a waste of money”

But, the caveat is: Which supplements? (And there are many more whiches, hows, and whys)

The Paradox is that these doctors are right, but for their wrong reasons. And what is worrisome is that they likely do not know why.

And in that, doctors are not serving us well when they say that supplements are a waste of money.

The older guard of medical doctors is in part still getting their post-graduate education from the drug commercials in “prestigious” medical journals. Often an entire journal issue is paid for by a drug company pushing its wares.

But just recently (June 2011) the Journal of Clinical Practice reveals that young doctors may be more hazardous to our health than older ones.

We should all be keenly aware that there is a serious need for all of us to take a well-designed program of supplementing our devoid-of-nutrients food sources (even the Certified Organic versions!) and of proper glandular support to help metabolize foods and the supplements.

Ok, so what about the Placebo effect?

Here is a clue how that works for us:

Research by others has shown that people can feel great (as evidenced by their symptoms changes or reduction only) even when they were explicitly told at the time the prescription was given, that the  “drug” in question was a fake sugar pill (placebo) but that they still would feel better.

And in fact for a large percentage they did feel better. Now, that is the power of suggestion for you.

At our Foundation we call these “Placeboms”. That is short for placebo-induced-symptoms.

The fact is that we mostly never see evidence for it in the medical laboratory blood etc. results.

So again, should therapists always tell? Would you now expect them to tell you?

Next, what about the Herxheimer and / or retracing reactions?

I would have put a great deal more value on the placebo research if objective before and after blood studies had followed the “feeling better” subjective observations.

Many of these altered symptoms of feeling-better are needed retracings (a re-experiencings) of previous signs and symptoms which occurred as a person was getting from being relatively healthy to becoming sick. That is known as the diagnostic art and symptoms evidentiary science of Homotoxicology.

May I suggest that you now look at the two charts on this link. It very precisely delineates the stages (often given fancy names) our bodies go through on the way to our doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and our graves.

These are “physical” names given for altered energetic frequencies created by some disharmony or imbalance in the body and mind. These energies need to be dealt with, i.e. removed, before we can go on to optimum health

A suggestion for a great book on this is entitled: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… by Karol Kuhn Truman.

Equally the charts therefore show the road we need to retrace to get back to a healthy and confident youngevity. These charts are our GPSs coordinates on everyone’s journey toward health, vitality, sanity, and wellness.

I love the concepts of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy. They are so valid.

By recalling and retracing my own gradual onset of increasingly more serious symptoms, they made so much sense to me when I learned about these concepts via my lesson with cancer at age 36 in 1978.

The very basic principle of these treatment philosophies and practices is briefly explained at this link.

The ParaConundrum #2 is thus that when people take the laboratory-chemically made products, they may (I will be blunt: will) get other symptoms, and not the relief of symptoms they hoped the supplements would help them with.

I now know that these are either signs that the body is actually being damaged, or that it is on the way to self-directed healing. That depends on what approach each of us uses as we go about wanting, being and doing to return to health and wellness.

Note: if someone is not re-experiencing the previous symptoms, it is suggested that the treatment of choice is not really successful.  An understanding therapist, or health teacher (= doctor), would expect the “healing crisis” as part of the recovery to health.

Every therapist or counselor of any kind should spend time investigating these two pathways for their clients. As a result they or you may need to re-adjust the approaches engaged in.

To appreciate the pattern of symptoms changes, you have to learn to actually listen to your body, and then be able to covey them to people whom you seek out to help you.

Recommendation: Copy and use the charts you saw in the Homotoxicology website.

I love being a health detective this way.

Later I will discuss ways you can help minimize and / or overcome / eliminate (without suffering) these retracing effects, called the Herxheimer reactions, but first visit this important information link. You learned to heed the red lights on your car’s dashboard.

Plants know how to tell gardeners that they are somehow stressed. Why not take note of those on your comfort level, sensations, moods, and appearance dashboard?

Your signs and symptoms are present because the cells’ membranes’ keyholes are blocked / inhibited by unnatural substances (rather, their frequencies), and prevent proper nutrients and oxygen to enter, and waste products to leave.

This causes your multi-functioning “factory” to slow down or stop.

And as that occurs, you begin to notice “side effects” (as you heard happen with drugs) due to slow-onset nutrition deficiencies and gradual extinguishing of bio-photons (light caused by your micro-voltages) in your organs, glands and systems.

You say: “Hey, I am taking supplements, why am I not feeling just great yet?” Sorry, you blew a Life Force fuse maybe many fuses!

Sorry also because the cheap components and useless fillers in laboratory made supplements have overloaded your body over time, and you are now filled with garbage the body (your liver mostly!) has a hard time breaking down and getting rid of.

The liver knows how to easily breakdown naturally made waste products from your normal metabolism. The new-age junk in food, drinks, pills and the environment puts it in an overdrive, quit-drive or get-cancer mode.

Think about it because it can and will get ugly!

Associated with this explanation is the ParaConundrum of taking artificially made Anti-oxidants in high doses.  Research tells us that taking these high doses actually increases one’s chances of getting less-than-desirable health concerns.

Cancer anyone?

Why cancer?

Well, what is an anti-oxidant?

Besides anti rusting, it is also anti oxygen.

I will explain that “oxygen deficiency” concern regarding cancer initiation a subsequent time.

So, you may wonder, are all supplements you see on the shelves artificial?

You need to verify that by trying to contact, and then receiving an answer back. I have my doubts because I tried that over the years without answers) from the brand you use or heard about.

Next time I will also give you the information you need to have to be able to talk to these supplement companiesif they happen to respond.

I recently (2011) saw an advertisement for a world-famous, multi-level company supplement products. It stated that   “we have our own farm” (a picture of a cabbage patch was shown). I promptly wrote them via e-mail where it was, so I could visit it.

I received no answer and the “farm” disappeared from the advertisement.

Remember at the beginning of this article series I said: ”well-meaning scientist”? Well-meaning for who?

Remember, they are on a fool’s errand. Mother Nature is watching!

Maybe these lab scientists will live a shorter life by the taking of their own products. Time will tell, but could we make a historical relationship thereby?

A very important question continues to be: “What does nutrition mean to you?” I hope that you are developing your answer from what you have read in this series so far.

The next section of this series of articles is going to include some surprises.

I am going to tell you things about supplements that you may not ever have heard, and other doctors, scientist and health subject writers have not thought about.

Read part one, part two and part three of this series.

Pieter Dahler DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for doing and compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

Pieter can be contacted at docpieter [at] aol [dotcom].

The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. It is not to be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.


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