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The problem with vitamin supplements: part two

In part two of his series on vitamin supplements Dr Pieter Dahler talks about the ‘keyhole’ concept.

10 April 2011

When you read this part 2, please remember that carrot from part 1, and the 917 micronutrients discovered in it.

Here is that web address again.

Your 100 + trillion body cells have countless and specific receptors on their outer membranes.

They are like keyholes and antennae.

Each keyhole is designed to receive only one specific key, which is a naturally derived nutrient substrate that critically needs to enter.

That membrane needs to be healthy to also allow waste to exit the cell.

The following is a rough interpretation of the keyhole concept.

The importance of understanding this “competitive inhibition” problem is that it could prevent cells from getting the many, many, many proper nutrients they need, to give you optimal performance and health.

Many inhibitory substances are known to permanently block keyholes.

They range from Trans Fatty Acids, to Insulin resistance (which is caused by membrane sensors not recognizing the insulin), petro-chemical drugs whether prescription or recreational do that, environmental chemicals, fragrances, and there are countless others as well.

Laboratory-chemically created / constructed food supplement do the same thing.

Even conflicting thoughts and wrongly held beliefs can energetically shut down cell membrane receptors.

See the following for more information:

“The effect of inhibitors on enzyme activity”

There are ways to remove these blocking factors, and that is covered in an upcoming article.

I am also going to mention later in a paper on vaccines, a gone-haywire concept that will help you understand why vaccines, drugs and many other things we do cause health problems in us…sometimes immediately, and sometimes decades later, often very serious problems.

It involves the above “competitive inhibition” physiology.

Each antenna mentioned earlier, is designed to sense or signal specific messages, i.e. frequencies.

You may want to read the book: Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton, for his monumental discoveries about these structures.

It is an easy book to read.  It has important implications for your life and health.

Think of a radio and its antenna.

If you want to tune in to receive the station “W-HEALTH”, you will not receive its messages if you accidently, ignorantly, innocently and/or persistently are tuned in to station “W-SICK".

What messages are you sending? What falsely held beliefs are you fostering based on your experiences, observation and brain-washings by others, during your life so far?

What wrong information has been put into your Sub-Conscious and Conscious software by your parents, extended family members, friends, doctors, nurses, and the media?

If it is time to take the dog out for an urgent pee-walk, but you were yelled at: “take out the garbage”…that was a wrongly intended message…for the dog’s sake and possibly your carpet.

If a squad team was to raid a drug-house # 203, but was radioed to # 302, you can imagine the problem.

And so it is with our bodies and its trillions of cells.

It is all about intention…behavior, beliefs, and even hints of Intention. What are you doing to, and for yourself, and what are you saying to yourself regarding messages of health?

They all affect the “competitive inhibition” concept, and can shut you down for an optimum healthy body and mind.

Mother Nature’s very complex intentions (those 917 micronutrients in the carrot!) are to provide natural foods’ micronutrients that fit the keyholes, and to send messages your cells are meant to receive…this has been so from the very origin of mankind and animals.

Our bodies have not significantly changed genetically over 100s of thousands of years to accommodate well to relatively sudden (75-150 years) use of health-reducing junk foods and modified, sugar-loaded, chemically laden, and alcoholic and spiked drinks with all sorts of deceptive garbage.

What has changed is what we humans have done to those natural foods we were meant to eat.

We have created Weapons of Mass Health Destruction (WMHD) by removing a few of the many micronutrients from freshly picked food, and put them in a box of manufactured cereals and their laboratory-made and “fortified” vitamins, or in a jar with vitamin pills.

That is tantamount to health infidelity.

Vita means Life. There is no life in such pills.

We have created WMHD by seriously changing foods into having too much sugar, trans-fatty acids and artificial things (read those labels!) in them, which our body cells’ membranes antennae do not recognize.

The result is that keyholes are blocked and your cells do not get the needed substrates and oxygen for your optimal health.

They also cannot get rid of their normally made metabolic, acidic waste products.

Then they go on strike and / or rebel, which show as signs and symptoms.

But we cannot fool Mother Nature…we cannot fool our bodies’ Wisdom.

But we think we can, and all too many of us are taking the quick and easy-out with fast “foods” in boxes, bags, bottles and cans with schizophrenic unhealthy “stuff” in them.

We have become blinded by the hook-line-and-sinkers the greedy commercial interests are spoon feeding us, and casting out at us with their advertisings and outright lies.

We have become sheep and mindless robots to the arrogant and misguided junk-food, and the supplement manufacturing industry. (Emphasis: manufacturing!)

That is health perjury.

And we pay a price for it with obesity, allergies, cancer, heart and circulation problems, Alzheimer’s, and all those other names doctors can come up with.

These are the result of the body having “fired” people for neglect and incompetence on the body-and-mind- job…and banished them into an early grave.

If you are a gardener, you know that you are very careful with what soil you have and soil amendments you give your flowers and vegetables.

You cannot use “humanure” from people on drugs, lab-made supplements, and junk foods.

Gardeners know to defend the soil with their life! No alien poop in their gardens!

Read this book: The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure.

If you have pets, you are concerned with the right ingredients for them, so you can avoid vet bills. Generally we do not give ourselves the same considerations. We fill ourselves up with stuff that is more ready for the garbage can, than to have it go through us first before it winds up in the toilet.

A question about that: what does it do inside us while it gurgles in our bodies?

Answer: anything not natural, not raw, creates an inflammation.

This health challenge is the beginning of the sunset of your life in terms of minor discomforts and more serious diseases to follow.

Note: while I talk toilet, I am reminded

I once contacted a septic tank service and asked the burning question: “When you completely emptied a septic tank, have you ever noticed something peculiar at the bottom of the tank, such as undigested vitamin and drug pills?”

The answer was that it was frequently.

Mind you, I did the same thing at the time when early warning signs of cancer appeared in my blood studies at age 27.

And, not knowing what I should have done otherwise (after all, I was a doctor ?!), I continued with a health reducing lifestyle, until I had a diagnosis of a full-blown cancer at age 36.

Then I learned what causes cancer.

I have worked hard since with the right plant foods which I grow, with “Garden in a Pill”, and “tissue-specific” supporting products, and a healthy lifestyle to have lived 33+ years (2011) in perfect, optimum health since then.

Read part one of this article.

Next month: the paradox of taking laboratory made supplements.

Pieter Dahler DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for doing and compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

Pieter can be contacted at docpieter [at] aol [dotcom].

The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. It is not to be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.


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