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Food and cancer: Part 3

In the third part of his series, Dr Pieter Dahler gets to the heart of what he believes to be the origin of cancers.

13 December 2010

To confirm all the inflammation signs possible after a “heavy meal”, which were mentioned in Food and cancer: part 2, we always observe a reduced electrical, micro-voltage level in the overall body readings after eating a typical overly rich, and often nutrient-devoid, western-style meal.

It is usually one which is more acidic in nature than is considered healthy.

We can make such readings with a micro-voltage meter.

I started to measure this micro voltage concept in 1976 with the late Dr Reinhart Voll Electro-Acupuncture Diagnostic module.

Dr Voll started his work with this testing method in the 1940s. I was a student of his for two years .

I also measured milli-voltages in the mouth between various filling materials before and after eating certain foods.

Voltage is the measure of the flow of electrons from one place (a terminal) to another – that is, electricity. The higher the voltage the more electrons are present. This is also referred to as being “properly blood alkaline”.

It must be mentioned at this point that there are areas in the body that have to be acidic, and areas that have to be alkaline. A healthy body would normally take care of these important details with biochemical buffers. Nutrient-source buffers are used as a means of keeping a certain pH range at a nearly constant value.

In conventional wisdom the body overall is supposed to be about 6.85 pH, which is slightly acidic.

Think of our bodies’ thousands of bio-chemicals and you learn that many are “acids”.

Life-sustaining and repair-enhancing building blocks, called proteins, are made up of Amino Acids.

Then there are RNA and DNA (the A is for acids), Bile acids, Butyric Acids, Omega 3 fatty acids, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lactic Acid, and the list goes on and on.

You may wonder: “How does that voltage work in the body? I have not thought much about how energy is created or used. That energy idea is new information to me.”

Each cell’s hundreds of mitochondria (their tiny battery packs /power plants) need to produce about 38 molecules of ATPs (a measure of biological energy) for us to function at peak capacity, enjoy great continuous comfort, super fitness ,and for superior health promotion.

The amount of ATP used and re-made is attempted to be kept steady by a healthy body.

In failing health, our Medical-Dental Foundation’s micro-voltage measurement observations are that many of us are running on low battery power …reaching as low as 2 ATPs (estimated equivalents).

Talk about having chronic fatigue, and all the debilitating health problems associated with that.

We became too pooped to pop.

Note: This micro-voltage produces biophotons (= light). At the microscope level with special exposure, natural foods and germs light-up.

Foods over 4 hours old after harvesting are showing decreasing biophotons with time. Dead germs, heated and overcooked food, and junk foods do not have any biophotons. Neither do drugs and artificial, laboratory-made supplements.

Are low ATP levels then a cause of the process of cancer?


Chronically fatigued, or actual exhaustion of the cells of one or more members of our Immune Alliance and Surveillance Service (“immune system” as others call it) is the electro-physical process in the cause of cancer and the start of other chronic illness.

This is now a well-accepted research finding.

These cells have become low-voltage, worn out, couch potatoes.

But I am not hearing doctors understanding this or listening very well to this biochemical-electrical observation.

I say this because the three standard cancer treatments actually seriously weaken the Immune Alliance even further than it already is.

This is by the evidence of the presence of a cancerous growth, as well as the fact that long-term these treatments by themselves fail miserably.

Yet these are “standard of practice” treatments for cancer.

This “Immune Alliance” consists of every part of the body.

To be sure, there are some major players we especially pay attention to with our nutrition-based treatments.

Why would any part of our body be there if it was not necessary for the benefit of the whole? Meaning: wholistic.

But Medicine in general has not yet applied this functional, thoughtful connection in its clinical settings.

I ask: “Why are doctors still so eager to cut, burn to death, and poison a body with cancer?”

This is why the body is still looked at by mainstream Medicine in compartments, to be treated separately. It is called the “geographic treatment” of the body…by body parts in and on the body.  That is also called the “reductionist” view, i.e. reduced to a single (specialized) part of the body.

It is inconceivable that doctors are willing to sacrifice body parts in the context of, in my opinion and experience, a totally flawed concept of cancer.

That is though how they and I were educated at the many bastions of medical education in the US and across the world.

It took my own cancer lesson in 1978 to learn about the alternatives available.

Additional contributing factors that lead to immunity weakness are discussed later by me.

A limp, weak, and defective immunity status, operating on low micro-voltage, compromises our necessary ability to respond properly and with vigor to cancer growths which are starting to develop and are programmed to grow larger.

It is suffering from “performance dysfunction”.

Fact: all of us are right now constantly and normally making and destroying millions of cancer cells which could grow into full-blown cancer tumors. We make, and should properly destroy about 10 million cells every second. That takes a lot of ATP energy.

I ask: “With what quality building materials are you and I growing the millions of new cells?”

It seems that the making of cancer cells is easier than the self-destroying for a growing number of people, as cancer has become a serious #2 world-wide epidemic, and follows close after heart failure.

I ask: “What proper biochemical materials do you and I have to aid in the proper self-destruction process?”

Where should we be getting these from?

Natural, high-energy foods, or highly processed, no biophotons, dead, non-vital junk foods?

Cancer, or any other health challenge, is a consequence of choices we have made consciously or unconsciously.

The initiation of cancers happens when we have misbehaved so that we are at lowering micro-voltage levels, which in the blood indicates a tending toward “the relative acidification of the blood”.

Actually what that means is, that it is toward the 7.35 pH side of a healthy blood pH scale…and which is still alkaline.

Cancer can also be started by the bacteria H. Pylori when the stomach becomes and stays too alkaline. People tend to do that with anti-acid preparations. Not a good habit at all if you want to live comfortable, well and long.

This understanding should be at the heart of the Alkaline-Acid debate, but it rarely is.

Remember that cancer does not start and pops its head up unexpectedly.

It takes decades of accumulating self-neglect and misbehavior on our part, and not respecting / understanding / being misinformed about the need for proper acidity and alkalinity levels in the various parts of the body, for cancer to grow into a good sized tumor.

The pH measures acidity vs. alkalinity…pH 7.00 is neutral. Below 7.00 is acidic. In terms of micro voltage that is 0 micro Volts (mV).

Blood should be between 7.35 pH, which is -20 mV, to 7.45 pH, which is -25 mV. Repeat: 7.35 -7.45 pH.

The stomach content is close to 2 to 4 pH, which is like strong battery acid.

Urine should be slightly acidic to ward off the fungus Candida Albicans (Thrush).

The skin has to be somewhat acidic (between pH 4.5 to 6.2) to ward off alkaline loving germs.

The majority of the small intestines have to be alkaline, while the Large Intestines have to be acidic to help in the absorption of most minerals.

The overall healthy body’s pH is about 6.85 pH…slightly acidic.

Rest assured that a healthy body will do all this when we give it the proper nutrients to do so.

The Alkaline-Acid debate needs to incorporate the biochemical observation that many body chemicals are somewhat acidic.

Just notice again the common names: Proteins are made of Amino Acids, there is Butyric Acids, Bile acids, lactic acid, long chain fatty acids, etc. a thousand times over.

Easy-to-reach-for, sugar-loaded, and processed junk food will help you with “becoming more relatively acidic”.

The inflammation signs discussed last month part 2 are evidence of this happening.

As the body becomes weaker from this chronic inflammation, its ability to buffer the acidity-alkalinity requirements weakens.

The result is an increased “relative acidification” of the blood, which is really the most important determinant of good health.

Your normal self-destruction of budding cancer cells, involves an energized and eager-to-serve Immune Alliance, operating at a high micro voltage level with lots of biophotons.

This means having well-planned natural alkaline-forming food choices, balanced with natural acid-forming food choices, to accomplish that protective/ever-vigilant activity.

That ratio is about 80% alkaline to 20% acid forming foods at every medium to large meal.

These nutrients provide the nutrient buffers to keep the blood pH healthy.

You do not want to become too blood-alkaline either.

A question: Could you do your job properly, carry out your daily responsibilities and make effective and creative decisions if you were constantly tired, exhausted, moody, or plain sick?

The amount of ATP-energy production and expenditure, depends of course on your daily activities.

For one, it very much depends on the type of foods you select, their preparation, and critical-to-understand, how your body is able to make use of them.

It also depends on the regularity of supplying proper Real Functional Foods. The operative word is “regularity”.

Not eating breakfast, and generally eating without a regular daily pattern is not good. Cells become confused by non-regularity. They have time clock genes which turn on at regular schedules.

Keeping that in mind, that is the importance of taking one of those often “recommended” 5-8 times-a-day fresh vegetables or low-alkaline and low-glycemic veggies / fruits / nuts to re-charge yourself.

There is however a controversy about this recommendation. I will discuss this elsewhere.

Always remember that if one cell is ill, or fatigued from the broken down, malfunctioning DNA in the mitochondria of the nucleus, which likely has resulted in a low micro-voltage, all cells are ill, and you notice it with an increasing low-energy crisis.

Our bodies are finely tuned precision entities.

# 4-Understand now that natural Real Functional Food is a source of electrons.

(I discussed numbers 1 through 3 in last month’s part 2 of this series.)

The more electrons, the higher the operating micro voltage, and the easier for the body to maintain a normal blood pH of 7.35-7.45.

Approaching and getting outside of these parameters you will become seriously ill.

NOTE: The earlier discussed inflammation signs (in part 2) are evidence of a meal having consisted of too many acid-forming foods (meat, cheese, etc.) and drinks (sodas, coffee, wine, beer), which have (and was more than agreeable) depleted electrons from you.

Remember how I mentioned earlier: “If you are not in great health, meaning you are not in harmony with your germs, you could become antibiotic resistant also as you eat mass-production cow meat”?

Now you can understand that great health (in part) is the harmony, expressed as a high micro-voltage level, between health-promoting germs (which donate electrons) and those that, when given a chance, will do harm (by taking away electrons, i.e. becoming less blood alkaline).

Since we are 90% germs and 10% human cells, you can now rationalize why pro-biotic recommendations is so very powerful and valuable for optimum health.

Pro-biotics (beneficial bacteria) supplements are important for delivering the needed electrons you require to be healthy.

Pro-biotics are needed to crowd out the not-so-nice germs and deprive them of their food source in the gut. Then these germ gangs die and are excreted, and thus cannot remove electrons from us.

Pro-biotics acidify the Large Intestines and promote the growth of friendly germs. Pro-biotics secrete anti-bacterial substances, such as hydrogen peroxide, bacteriocins (a protein-like toxin / antibiotic against other unwanted germs) and many other helpful organic acids.

They thus have an anti-Candida effect.

There are 52 types of Candida specimens. Some good and some potentially harmful. The proper treatment is to overpower them with more beneficial yeast…not to kill only one yeast with a drug.

There are 150 other strains of yeast living in our bodies.

Pro-biotics also contribute many B vitamins and Amino Acids.

The ratio of good vs. bad germs is about 85% vs. 15%.

By allowing an environment which is conducive to beneficial germs growth, you have a ready source of electron donations.

That is done via natural foods also. That is done with PRE-biotics (food for germs).

Personally, I am looking for pre-biotic Inulin, which is a non-digestible, soluble fiber (from Chicory root, Jicama, Jerusalem Artichoke, or Dandelian). I also use FOS, which stands for Fructo-oligo-saccharides.  These are found in onions, garlic, leeks, bananas, SMALL tomatoes, spinach and whole wheat.

Then I also use with caution, resilient fiber (any carb that resists being digested in the small intestine) as the main sources.

7 types of fibers are discussed in part 4 of this series and their purposes indicated.

How to get resilient fiber (RF)?

By cooking and then cooling potatoes, rice or pasta you will trigger a chemical change (the starch crystallizes) that converts part (20 -30% approximately) of their starch into RF that the body cannot digest as well.

In the colon it ferments and becomes pre-biotic food.

Note: it is the 70-80% that is high glycemic and could pose for pre- and Type 2 and 3 Diabetics an excess blood glucose load.  Type 3 Diabetes is advanced Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Note: Prebiotics also help absorption of critical calcium and magnesium (as well as most minerals) by absolutely importantly, making the Large Intestines acidic.

I will discuss this later when I start the faulty “germs-cause-disease” theory series.

Note: this is a major preventive strategy you need to employ to prevent cancer, as this acidity also kills disharmonious (= Dysbiosis) cancer causing (facultative anaerobic) germs there.

If you are a regular reader of my articles, you know that I emphasize the harmony between us and our ubiquitous 90% germs.

By feeding them properly they will be in abundance in and on our bodies, and will not cause us health concerns.

Final Note: There are other sources of creating electron donations to yourself, which is covered in part 4.

Relevant to all this so far in the discussion, I now ask the question: “Do you know what “nutrition” is?”

Or, what is the actual purpose of health-promoting, nutritious Real Functional Food?

See also: Food and cancer: Part 1 and Food and cancer: Part 2

Pieter Dahler DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for doing and compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

Pieter can be contacted at docpieter [at] aol [dotcom].

The information provided on this site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and care. It is not to be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical practitioner.






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