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Food and cancer: Part 2

In part 2 of his series, Dr Pieter Dahler begins to explain the electrical-physical cause of cancer.

14 November 2010

I’d like to talk about “Real Functional Food” with you in this article.

There is a not-so-well-known relationship of food to the causation of cancer that needs exploring.

You may have heard some of that before, but hear me out; the following two articles (this one and part three which follows next month) builds quite a different concept of what functional food really is to your body and mind.

It is very important to understand that all illness starts with one basic, underlying principle of health and disease, and that is “energy”: varying levels of measurable energy to be exact.

This is an introduction to the energetic principle of food and its contribution to, or distraction of health and the energy necessary to be able to feel wellness pervade your body.

This is your introduction to the electrical, and the consequential physical cause of cancer.

You have heard people say: “I have no energy”, or “I am worn out with fatigue”.

Where does that “energy” supposed to come from?  It has to be made somewhere, yes?

The answers are: in the mitochondria (the power plants) of your cells.

In these next two articles you will come to understand and agree that there is a logical explanation for how a gradual lowering of your energy production in your trillions of cells causes health to deteriorate.

Permit me to lay down a simply put lifestyle, research, science, and the practice of medicine foundation upon which you can build your understanding of this energy principle.

This very basic understanding of your body is so critical in order to be, and for you to actively engage in staying healthy, and to avoid the standard medical system.

This understanding also informs you that the three traditional cancer treatments have it all wrong, and why this is deadly wrong.

Cancer treatment’s side effects will kill more than 13.2 million a year by the year 2030, according to the UN Cancer Research Agency (In 2008 it was 7.5 million).

“Food should be your medicine, and medicine should be your food”, said the observing Hippocrates. (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC).

What should be added to that is: “What can cure an illness can also prevent it.”

Note: a “cure” is something that should last a lifetime.

Cancer doctors are so unsure about the success of traditional cancer treatments that they can only offer a guarded five-year “survival” period to patients.

Observation 1: Very few people die from “cancer”.

Observation 2: They die from the anticipated multiple complications of the allopathic (conventional) treatment(s).

Recognition 1: They also die from not managing the multi-factorial other reasons why they develop cancer and can never obtain a health-confident cure.

Recognition 2: Many people do not know that many cancers can go away by themselves, never even having been diagnosed at all.

Here I am only discussing how food can do that.

Note: Functional foods differ from fortified foods, in which nutrients lost during processing are replaced with artificial chemicals, which are then called ‘vitamins’.

1. Real Functional Food is your ammunition against the unwanted activities of many of your ever-present germs, some of which have been associated with cancers.

As mentioned in my first article in March 2010, you are 10 to 1 germs cells versus human cells.

This can be expanded to recognize that research points out that 90% of our DNA is in fact microbial and not human.

Most of that was the result of our millions of years of evolutionary process ... if you happen to believe in that.

Research clearly points out that what is called “cross species exchange” has gone on for millions of years.

This is where genes from any animal and their germs are transferred to humans who eat such foods, and they get incorporated into the human genome.

Note: Currently we should be concerned with a cow gene, called “aacC2”, which tends to gene-hop to humans.

This cow gene is suspected to be responsible for their germs becoming resistant to the antibiotics injected.

If you are not in great health, meaning in part that you are not in harmony with your germs, you could become antibiotic resistant also as you eat mass-producted and drugged-up cow meat.

The resulting resistant “super bugs” now causing so many problems should be a grave concern for you.

All the more reasons to understand what natural Real Functional Food is meant to contribute to your health.

2. Real  Functional Food builds the protective foundation upon which you can better defend yourself against, and mentally cope with, the many other postulated reasons why cancer can start and grow in your body.

First understand, that when you ingest foods and drinks which were not on the menu 10,000 to 100,000 years ago, you are asking for health troubles.

On this menu was the kind of food I call “The Original Man” type.

It is increasingly being accepted that our original genetic make-up has not been able to change as we have seen our food choices and quality change since 90-some years ago.

Actually, our genetics only changed about 0.1%, and the last time it had changed was maybe before Homo Sapiens moved millennia ago from the African continent to other parts of the World.

But what we also need to accept is that our germs have not changed (much?) over those millennia.

Frankly and regrettably, many of today’s unfavorable, health-reducing products on the stores’ shelves are not at all fit to be called food.

They are manufactured, artificial concoctions which have no place inside our bodies. I read a long time ago, that the boxes in which breakfast cereals are sold are actually more nutritious than the sugar-loaded and artificial supplements-added “stuff” inside of them.

That “stuff” is poison to you. It is proven to be harmful and linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, mental illness, and other conditions.

“Stuff” is a non-functional confection. It just fills you up, nothing much in it is any good for you.

And the pasteurized milk you use with boxed breakfast “stuff” has been linked to cancer.

Every time you eat this “stuff” you have been fooled enough by advertising to have done so.

But you cannot fool the body’s bio-chemistry.

Your conscious use of “stuff” cannot fool your sub-conscious, which knows that this “stuff” is no good for you.

Anything that damages your body's normal physiology and disrupts homeostasis (balance) is a poison.

But, that poison is what not-so-kind germs thrive on, and in the process makes acidic toxins from it, which slowly but surely destroys your tissues (cells of glands and organs).

These “stuff” chemicals dramatically increase defensive inflammation and oxidative stresses in your body.

High-glycemic carbohydrates from “stuff” foods also stimulate the excessive release of insulin. This causes the pancreas to overwork and become overly weakened by it, or to fail completely.

Persistent high insulin levels have been shown to assist cancer growth.

In fact, cancer cells have six to 10 times more insulin receptors (to allow the sugars in) than normal cells.

3a. Natural, Real Functional Food is your health currency.

That “stuff” is counterfeit currency and the makers or mixers of it should be prosecuted. In China they executed people for messing with milk products that have killed many babies, and is causing four-month-old babies to start growing breasts.

These “stuff” products literally and purposefully are aimed to allure and addict you with sugars, refined salts and unnatural trans-fats (which clog cell membranes), and lately with inter-esterified fats (which raises your blood sugar and insulin by 20%, if you are pre- or outright diabetic), combined with artificially created tastes, nasty preservatives, bright colors and cute shapes.

In addition, their repetitive advertisings subconsciously throw a mental hook at you and your kids, to “get” you, and to have you consume ever addictively more.

Believe me, I still do occasionally fall prey to such tricks, when I am not at my home base.

These consumer-fooling practices should be considered an environmental crime to your innards.

A question: “Do you want your Statin cholesterol-reducing pill with your hamburger, fries and coke?”

Recently it was seriously suggested by scientists that fast food chains should offer drug medications (Yes, statins) with their over-the-counter junk foods. The idea is to counter the bad effects of the health-degrading foods sold there.

This was published as "Can a Statin Neutralize the Cardiovascular Risk of Unhealthy Dietary Choices?" in the American Journal of Cardiology, 15 August, 2010.

Is that what the food-related health crisis has come to?

It is interesting to note that the subsidies the US Government is giving to the farmers and junk food producers, is costing the government billions in Medicare costs to pay for the health damage such “foods” have done to its population.

Figure out the logic, not the economic greed and collusion, behind it.

US hospitals suffer enormous losses because they see in their emergency clinics countless nutrient-deficient and metabolically damaged people, many of whom have no insurance.

Healthcare costs, nationally in the US that are related to obesity alone are costing $118 billion per year.

The signs of this insanity are all there in serious illness, suffering, and premature deaths.

But the connections to your life style are not always made, or do not want to be made by you and/or your doctors.

Our Foundation’s clinical, energetic and biochemical research and patient care, points out that our nutritional self-abuse shows a quick body-distress-response, which in part is clearly visible in the predictive, refined, and life-saving way our Foundation doctors read diagnostic blood, urine, saliva, and hair-mineral-retention tests.

New or aggravated defensive inflammation is the first obvious sign.

You can observe that this is happening to you by such signs after eating as a decrease in energy level, fogginess of the mind, wheezing-sneezing, itching, bloating of the belly, mood changes, a 10am and 3pm energy /sleepiness crash, acid reflux, aggravated IBS, flatulence, GERD, chronic constipation and diarrhea.

And that could have you suffer needlessly with a misdiagnosis, which could progress to possible damage to your digestive system, and worse, cause chronic disease if not properly managed.

All that, while you are burning a huge hole in your finances.

Think of it this way: Real Functional Food is your currency to stay healthy, comfortable and productive.

3b. Real Functional Food is also time currency, regrets currency, and fear and worry currency.

Could you take back the nutritional self-abuse when you find yourself admitted into a hospital with a lifestyle-caused, serious health problem, worrying about your future?

That is a place where you will have a lot of time to think, accompanied with regrets, fear and worry.

Preventively, the Real Functional Food investment in real health is more precious than money.

I have always wondered why we take so many chances with health, when we can take simple and informed positive control.

In a lifestyle that has been inconsistent for maintaining good health, and has been present for some time, we see a change in the values of many blood markers reaching to the outer limits of the medical diagnostic standard of being “within normal limits”.

Learn more about that in my article in the March 2010 issue of The Scavenger.

Foundation laid, here you are at the threshold of learning of a new understanding how Real Functional Food can keep you healthy, as well as restore health from chronic illness.

This will be covered in part 3 of this series on food and cancer next month.

Pieter Dahler DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for doing and compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

Pieter can be contacted at docpieter [at] aol [dotcom].


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