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Food and cancer: Part 1

In this four-part series Dr Pieter Dahler discusses how cancer is due to an energy crisis in our body cells’ mitochondria.

12 September 2010

Part 1: Food, intents, beliefs and learn a new understanding of how cancer starts

Do you eat to live, or live to eat?

What is nutritional stress and metabolic stress?

What is “Nutrition”?
“In Wilderness lies the preservation of the World”
- Henry David Thoreau

When our Latin-American Foundation’s entourage passes through a town with a hospital, it is routine for us to take the time, pay respect and enjoy the pleasure of meeting or re-acquainting with the staff.

Today we are “making the rounds”. This means going to visit patients on their wards.

Carlos, 29, had just been admitted for a very painful, palpable swelling in his lower belly.

He travelled with his brother out of the distant mountains; a tortuous 2½ day trip by donkey.

Carlos had spent the last 12 years in the USA, only to return once a year to visit briefly.

He says that he has been feeling increasingly bad for about four years.

He used to be a burly, strong man. Today he looks extremely under-weight.

A week ago he had a severe health breakdown while in the mountains.

His blood test was already available and it showed evidence of serious breakdown in many glands and organs. Statistically my fellow doctors could have made a cancer diagnosis.

The hospital is small and cannot do cancer-marker tests, so we cannot prove it but be suspicious.

Upon questioning Carlos, it was no surprise to learn that he had not been living and eating well.

He had lived to eat. But he would not live much longer.

Carlos had been suffering chronic nutritional stress for a long time due to his upbringing in a close-to-a-mono-agriculture environment.

Very early in his high-mountain village surroundings this unavoidably began to result in metabolic distress.

And it had slowly taken its insidious toll in organs, glands and systems destructions, until it forced him to come to a hospital, near death.

You may have heard much of the following information before, but it is worthy of repeating.

Others and we proved many decades ago, some as far back as 80 years ago, that most of us do not eat well to live well.

Our poor choices in lifestyles, foods and drinks are slowly and increasingly taking their toll on us.

An overall health education system in Western modernity is seriously flawed...and mostly missing in quality.

In various ways it is Big Pharma and corporate food-production controlled.

Medical students are taught to minimize or remove symptoms with drugs and surgery.

Rarely are they taught the management of the often multiple origins of chronic diseases.

Still today, little time is spent academically on nutrition, and what that means to avoid or restore good health and wellness.  I read once it is (was?) only one hour out of four years of study.

Once they become doctors, the emotional origins of many chronic illnesses are not glamorous enough for clinical exploration…and they find out they are not going to get paid for it by insurance.

But things are changing.

However, the current flock of medical doctors is not 360-prevention educated, and tragically this results in all too often in drugs’ side-effects and deaths, and can make bodies and minds worse than before.

I can speak to this, because I was educated as a doctor at several respected institutions…and for a long time I have not liked what I was taught.

My 470 Foundation’s doctors have joined a growing cadre of dissatisfied doctors across the world, who have stepped away from allopathic medicine and are using energetic, lifestyle, alternative, complementary, and functional approaches for their own and their fellow men’s and women’s needs.

The 340-plus young, village doctors our Foundation has trained over 39 years, have received a Health Care-360 type of health-maintenance education from us.

They are rewarded only when their villagers are healthy. And they do a great job at it.

I learned more about true health from spending those wonderful years in the jungles, deserts and along the coasts with natives.

That is what this series of articles is all about: Informing you of the important and simple basics of health, and also of new concepts you may not have heard about, which can make you understand your fantastic body better.

These are the many ideas which the 470–Plus doctors and researchers of our Foundation have learned about, and used over nearly four decades with the natives.

Making them applicable to people living in Western modernity is our ongoing goal.

Education is your power against a faceless, not always honest medical and drug pushing industry.

I once heard the dean of a reputable medical-teaching facility being quoted as saying that 50% of what we teach medical students is outright wrong; the problem is that we do not know which 50% that is.

Does that mean that what is taught is potentially 75% wrong?

One result of all this primary schools’ and medical academics’ mis-education is that many boys aged 18 in the USA are found not to be fit at all to serve in the military.

Many young women and men are infertile.

Way too many adults are visibly unhealthy.

With a trained medical eye, that makes many people look like the “walking dead” to me.

Too many people die prematurely and unexpectedly from obvious preventable health challenges.

Among the very young world-wide, we already see adult-type health disorders in three-year-olds.

One third of all U.S. kids are now overweight, and nearly 20 percent of them are clinically obese.

What kind of future will they have?

Seven-year-old girls are increasingly going through early puberty, with the chief culprit being obesity and its related intestinal parasites and toxins.

Xenoestrogen exposure cause their early breast development and susceptibility to early-formed cancers.

Men are developing “moobs”, that is male-boobs, from the too much estrogen in non-grass-fed meat, and from birth control pills urinated out or discarded into the city sour system, and then re-filtrated back into the drinking water supply for another round of use by the citizens.

This sets men and women up for obesity, breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, libido and erectile dysfunction concerns.

With less-than-truthful messages from the government, trade industries, shelves full of boxes, bags and cans, and conflicting health gurus, we really do not know which way to turn, or worse, who to believe.

So many of us readily fall into a pattern of making “choices of in-haste convenience”, “least efforts”, and “default options” (created by advertising and habit patterning).

You know what that does? It causes malnutrition and health insecurity.

It also causes Global Warming with the inflammation (heat) inside of us this rich, deficient food intake causes us.

Why did this information need repeating by me?

Because your attention is likely not focused on your body’s day-to-day performance and health.

You are occupied with your job, skills, and family; and you have no time to investigate your body’s true needs.

Our population research has shown that ± 90% of people surveyed (about 250,000 over 39 years) are not aware of these increasingly dreadful statistics.

Yet, you do want to…expect to be healthy, sort of on automatic pilot. But then you needed to have programmed that auto pilot.

Who should do that?

A doctor should carry his/her title with honor, as it means “teacher”.

Please teach us about our natural bodies, and do not treat us like it is a series of compartments that have no interconnections or relationships to each other.

I took my body for granted for my first 36 years, not thinking that I, without thought, had been working hard (with neglect!) at growing a cancer at age 27, when I graduated as a doctor.

I was malnourished in a country of plenty.

I was ignorant and body-arrogant.

I was mis-educated, even as a doctor who was supposed to start treating people.

Being and staying healthy is a real challenge for 99-plus percent of people.

But good health cannot be negotiated.

Inevitably our cells will try to betray us as we age chronologically. Death is contagious and inevitable.

Why not have the best of health while we are here? But that takes action.

If we do not desire, or not care to know what actions to take, then we should enjoy our illnesses and diseases.

And when you finally wind up in a hospital, or an end-of-your-life hospice; then you have a lot of time to think about how action is your most prized currency.

We do have to feed our automatic pilot with information to guide us to destination “health”.

If doctors have no time to inform you, then I hope this series will do so and help you prevent illnesses as you coast along the challenges of life.

It is impossible to have a productive day and creative life when you feel sick, tired, or depressed…which is a sign of your cells betraying your optimum health.

It is a serious challenge in that it puts families at an economic and personal risk of a loss of finances, or worse, the premature loss of a loved one, especially the main income provider.

Many families make important future plans without really considering the health status of the parents.

Such a serious tragedy happened to the family of my wife when her father died at a relatively young age, and nobody was at all prepared for it.

From my article in The Scavenger last month you learned that when ­±80% of an organ has been damaged, as we can observe-detect in a routine blood test, only ±20% of its function is lost.

At 90% damage that is ±45%.

When damage has reached ±95%, the dysfunction has jumped to ±75%.  Then it has reached a critical point.

This is all so very easy to be evaluated for.

In Carlos, many organs, glands and systems had reached that point.

His belly swelling had suddenly increased in size in his last few days. Colon cancer will do that.

Now he likely is suffering from cachexia, a condition where mostly due to a failing liver, body mass is lost which cannot be reversed with nutrition.

His body is being eaten away rapidly at this final stage of cancer. He will be skin only over bones soon.

Even though cancer lives and thrives on sugar, it can easily digest its host’s cells instead. It is called auto-cannibalism.

Often, unsuspecting cancer sufferers will bloat up without apparent cause, and then they suddenly will begin to lose weight rapidly, without apparent cause.

Carlos did that also.

What we collectively have to learn is, that we cannot neglect even the minor complaints and pains our distressed bodies are trying to signal us with.

They are cries for help.

It has no other outward way to communicate with us.

In part two next month you will learn what food means to your body and begin to understand how cancer is due to an energy crisis in our mitochondria.

Pieter Dahler DDS, MD, ND (hon), PhD was born in 1942 in Indonesia and lived in a jungle setting until 1947. He emigrated to the USA in 1962. In 1971 he graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, Dental School, as a Dentist and in 1974 from the US Navy Post Graduate School in Oral Surgery and Medical Anesthesiology. He was in private dental practice until 1991. Between 1969-1991, he spent vacations in Mexico taking care of a volunteer medical-dental project with a growing force of doctors and volunteers.

He has undertaken three PhDs in subjects related to nutritional-cultural-sociology, from Latin America and in 2002 organized the Foundation for the Development of Healthy Teeth in a Healthy Body, Mexico. The Foundation has a research department for doing and compiling comprehensive native and western population studies. To date, 470 Latin American doctors and thousands of volunteers give their time to 150,000 natives.

Pieter can be contacted at docpieter [at] aol [dotcom].



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