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Is dirty electricity making you sick?

ElectricityBreast and other cancers, diabetes, asthma, autism, behavioural disorders and mental illnesses have increased at staggering rates because of dirty electricity in our homes and workplaces, writes Donna Fisher.

It was in 2008 when a highly distinguished doctor finally gained illegal access into a school after being refused official entry that a cancer cluster in a school in the USA was finally investigated by the authorities. 

The study revealed that the 18 cancers in 137 teachers were caused by dirty electricity. 

Dirty electricity is undesirable radiofrequency radiation riding along our electricity wiring.  This poor power quality is the surges and spikes of an over-loaded and out-dated electrical system.  The very grid that serves us electricity is contaminated by dirty electricity, a pollutant that is affecting our vital cellular processes and damaging our precious DNA.

Many cancer clusters are of the one type, for example breast cancer clusters or brain tumour clusters yet this cancer cluster had a spread of cancers, including breast cancer which is no surprise, as breast tissue is the most sensitive tissue in our body and the most sensitive to artificial electromagnetic radiation. 

The cancers in the cluster included: malignant melanomas, thyroid cancers, uterine cancers, lymphoma, colon cancer, cancer of the pancreas and cancer of the larynx. Many people do not realise they are in a cancer cluster believing that the figure should be higher, yet 18 cancers in 137 employees is a cancer cluster. 

Dirty electricity is especially prevalent in our schools and workplaces as computers and fluorescent lights help to create higher levels of dirty electricity. Dirty electricity helps to explain why: office and professional workers have higher incidence rates of cancer, why indoor workers have higher malignant melanoma rates, why melanoma can occur on parts of the body which never are exposed to sunlight, and why melanoma rates are increasing while the amount of sunshine reaching earth is stable or decreasing due to air pollution. 

The authors of this landmark study also noted that melanoma and thyroid cancers may be more sensitive to dirty electrical environments. Dirty electricity in our homes and workplaces can also help to explain why breast cancer increased so rapidly last century especially with women sleeping in a dirty electricity environment being assaulted by this toxic agent.  

When a study of the history of the electrification of the USA from the Washington State Department of Health was completed in 2009, statistics indicated that dirty electricity is the reason why the so-called diseases of civilisation including cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and suicide increased so significantly last century.  The heart and brain are electrical organs so is it any wonder that living, working and sleeping in a dirty electrical field is producing such dire affects?  

Created en masse when the change to energy-efficient and more modern electrical technologies were developed, dirty electricity due to its very nature has existed since electricity was first produced. Today, many of these so-called diseases of civilisation are absent or have very low incidence in places without electricity.   

Research has revealed that not all diabetics are clinically diabetic, as the body is often responding to a dirty electrical environment which is dramatically raising blood sugar levels.  Filtering the homes of diabetics has reduced blood sugar levels dramatically, often in a very short period of time.  

Filtering the homes of asthmatics has resulted in less puffer use. Thirty seven students who used asthma puffers required them less often when their school was fitted with dirty electricity filters.  Some sufferers of MS have also had dramatic improvements within 36 hours and even gone into remission from MS.   

Autism, first diagnosed in 1943 has had a staggering increase since our use of artificial electromagnetic energy.  

Pregnant women must ensure they install filters to sleep in a clean electrical environment as a recent pilot study has shown higher rates of babies born with autism where the mother’s sleeping locations had high levels of this radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation – dirty electricity. 

The rise of the use of computers has compounded the risk with women putting their unborn child and breasts (along with the whole body) at risk as the scientists of Kazakhstan - who created the Russian space and nuclear weapons programs - have determined that pregnant women should not be working at computers at all. 

The harmful current from touching the keyboard is riding along our arms, across our breasts, riding down our stomachs to the ground. 

Continually exposing our bodies and the unborn child to this pollutant, while sitting in a dirty electrical field, and also sleeping with the wiring behind them that carries this toxic agent is indeed, a potent cocktail.  Is it any wonder that breast cancer, autism, behavioural disorders and mental illnesses have increased at such a staggering rate? 

Our survival depends on the precise timing processes of our natural complex and delicate electrical signals.  Is it really surprising that the artificial electrical and electromagnetic signals that we have created are playing havoc, creating disorder within our internal signalling processes affecting our neurochemistry and vital biological systems in such a devastating manner? 

This dirty electricity plague is silent and invisible, running on our electrical wiring throughout our homes, schools, workplaces and hospitals. Piercing the skin barrier, dirty electricity is a ubiquitous pollutant, the underlying menace as to why there is so much cancer and serious disease. 

Removing dirty electricity 

We have over-crowded hospitals and children’s hospitals being extended, unable to cope with the deteriorating health of the people and a crumbling health system. Removing the dirty electricity from our personal environment by placing filters in our homes, workplaces, schools and hospitals is paramount for prevention. 

The transition to having clean electricity will be a natural cause of events as the public becomes more informed. 

Dirty electricity can be easily removed by the simple process of installing the scientifically and mathematically proven STETZERiZER dirty electricity filters.  In doing so, the dirty electricity that we create will be removed from our homes and sent back to the grid.  

Installing enough filters will create a barrier and also stop dirty electricity coming into our homes.  It is not only the health benefits experienced by removing dirty electricity that we will experience, filtering our electricity will also cause our home disc meter to read more accurately as dirty electricity contributes to approximately one third of our power bill.  

As we filter our water to have cleaner water it is imperative that we now filter our electricity for cleaner and less expensive electricity.  

SilentFieldsDonna Fisher is the President of Donna Fisher Silent Fields Inc. a non-profit organisation that provides filters to protect the public and strives to protect Australian workers from dirty electricity modelled on the 50 GS units mandate of Kazakhstan.  Donna is also the author of the recently released Silent Fields: The Growing Cancer Cluster Story When Electricity Kills and More Silent Fields: Cancer and the Dirty Electricity Plague The Missing Link.  The new STETZERiZER meter, filters and books are now available at the Silent Fields website.









0 #1 Wesley 2011-08-01 12:27
I hadn't heard of "dirty electricity" prior to reading this article. Interesting. I had heard of the problem with various fields around our wiring and appliances, but not in the terms the way this article has discussed the issue.. Time to learn more! Thanks, Wesley at Round Rock Utilities

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