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The problem with vitamin supplements: Part 6

In his series on vitamin supplements, Dr Pieter Dahler discusses supplement digestion, absorption and a dental connection.

Making multiple chemical sensitivity a household word

ScentFlash mob project creates awareness of environmental sensitivities, writes Melva Gail Smith.

USDA demonizes starch, while promoting meat, dairy, and disease

StarchThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the government agency responsible for the health of Americans, has recently enacted two national nutrition policies that limit the consumption of starchy grains and starchy vegetables, two traditional food groups that have provided the bulk of human diets for all of recordable history, writes Dr John McDougall, MD.

The problem with vitamin supplements: part 4

In the fourth part of his series, Dr Pieter Dahler explains how the food and food supplement making industry tends to sabotage our health.

On access, intimacy and vulnerability

IntimacyFINALFear of appearing desperate and the risk of rejection leads many of us to be hesitant in asking for what we really want or telling another person our true feelings, writes Creatrix Tiara.

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