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How your values shape your life

Values-Factor Book-resizedIn his latest book The Values Factor, self-help guru Dr John Demartini provides a deep dive into how our values shape every aspect of our lives – from relationships, careers and service to the world. His definition on what our real values are, as opposed to what we like to think they are is eye-opening, writes Katrina Fox.

To share or not to share?

shareRevealing your ‘dark’ side is a risky business that can result in being rejected or branded a ‘whiner’ or ‘attention seeker’. But, while there is a fine line between sharing and ‘dumping’, it takes more courage to share your fears and insecurities than to hide them behind a veneer of arrogance and superiority, writes Katrina Fox.

The spiritual significance of music

music1Music is a powerful tool for cultivating community and a powerful drug that allows you to reach states of ecstasy without the come-down, writes Justin St. Vincent.

Non-violent Communication: A powerful way to challenge prejudice

NVCThe planet is full of humans who think, talk and behave differently to each other. These differences can be embraced and enjoyed, yet they can also result in misunderstandings, disconnection and all-too-often, violence. Nonviolent Communication (NVC), also known as compassionate communication, is a language that teaches us how to have conversations with those to whom we are struggling to relate, writes Sarah Barry.

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