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Charlie Sheen, Dickwolves and disposable girls

ViolencewomenCelebrities getting away with abuse, game creators glorifying rape – is it any wonder so many men are clueless about violence against women? Laura K. Warrell has had enough.

White feminists fail to take into account other marginalizations

beautiful_mindA feminist analysis of films that have won the Best Picture award at the Oscars that only factors in gender oppression evidences an ignorance of the way that oppression functions, and a desire to be equal to White masculinity, rather than achieving equality for all, writes Renee Martin.

Black people need film-makers like Tyler Perry

TylerPerryMuch criticism is being heaped on Tyler Perry for what many see as his disappointing film version of Nzotke Shange’s landmark play For Colored Girls. But while he may be far from perfect, we desperately need Black filmmakers like him who are representative of the majority of us, writes Kola Boof.

Female desire and the princess culture

PrincessFar from being an innocent case of ‘dress ups’ the rise of princess culture results in a disturbing scenario where all that early training for girls to focus incessantly on their appearance lasts a lifetime, writes Margot Magowan.

Notes on blackness and femininities

Notes_blacknessBlack feminists continuously challenge how women artists are perceived, and more broadly about how we can think more critically about blackness within visual culture, writes Leonine Claire.

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