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If all food choices are valid, that means ‘all’ food choices

FoodchoicesWe need to stop judging and pathologizing people who may be making food choices we don’t understand. Body autonomy means every body is autonomous, writes blogger and fat acceptance activist Marianne Kirby.

Dettol ads force women to bear burden of invisible threats

DettolAdvertising for products like Dettol antibacterial soap compel us to think about germs and viruses, which are supposedly everywhere. But they also give women, specifically mothers, the role of warding off these omnipresent yet invisible threats to the health of their whole family – and imply they are failures if anyone in the household gets sick, writes Erin Stewart.

Women across the globe unite

Despite our differences, there are some issues that almost all women are in agreement over, writes Dr Vanessa Neumann.

It’s time to fund sex worker NGOs

Scarlet_AllianceA number of sex worker organisations across the globe are well organised, transparent and delivering services and advocacy to their community in ways that only sex workers can. Yet they are all too often excluded from funding. It’s time for governments, donors and grant bodies to show sex workers the money, writes Elena Jeffreys.

Is man repelling high fashion really feminist?

ManrepellerOn her blog The Man Repeller Lendra Medine posts pictures of high fashion that are bizarre and designed to be completely unappealing to heterosexual men. Is the act of choosing not to dress for men purely feminist, or is this Man Repelling movement simply the domain of class privilege which entails the implicit approval of the workings of the fashion industry? Erin Stewart argues how labelling this movement as ‘feminist’ may be pre-emptive.

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