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Contribute to The Scavenger

Would you like to write for or contribute to The Scavenger? Here's how!

We're looking for articles, audio and video content that fits into our categories. Please read the site in depth before submitting an idea.

Our categories are:

  • Social justice (people, animals, environment)
  • Uplifting and inspiring
  • Feminism
  • Sex, gender and sexuality diversity
  • Health and personal development
  • Arts
  • Media & technology

The Scavenger features a mix of original articles, author extracts and republished blog posts (with authors’ permission of course) and as of our relaunch in 2014 we're also seeking original audio and video content.

We are looking for commentary and features that are challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring and informative. We’re looking for progressive, alternatives to the mainstream.

Our audience is social change makers and comprises a broad range of people, from ful-time and part-time activists (paid and voluntary), not-for-profits, socially conscious entrepreneurs and business people, and experts passionate about social change, including doctors, lawyers, coaches, therapists, academics and other professionals.

Send your ideas to the editor by EMAIL only: editor [at] thescavenger [dotnet], inserting the @ and .net in the relevant place.

We endeavour to respond to all queries of this nature within 7 days with either a yes or no. If we haven’t got back to you in that time frame, send a second email. If you receive a ‘no’ in response to your query or article, don’t let it put you off submitting other ideas.

Please also email a brief summary of your writing or publishing experience along with SAMPLES of your work if you have them, or a website link or blog/vlog where we can view them.


You own the copyright for original articles and content. You grant The Scavenger worldwide non-excusive rights to republish and share your content in all channels. We require that you wait 7 days after the piece has been published on The Scavenger before placing it in other media, including your own blog and include a reference at the beginning or end to state that the piece first appeared on The Scavenger with a link back to our site.

For occasional content that we republish from your blog or website,  a link will be provided in your bio to your blog.

Author extracts are welcome and of course credited accordingly.


Pitches should include the general idea, the main focus or angle you plan to take, plus who you envisage talking to.

Word length

Most articles should fall into the 800-1000 words category, including profiles and interviews. Occasionally we may accept a longer, indepth piece up to 2000 words. Audio and video content should be between 15 mins to 60 mins max.

Attachments and formatting text

Please email your article as a Word document. Please do NOT use any formatting ie bold or italics or underline. Do NOT use tabs.
Use a simple font like Times or Arial and in black and use single line spacing.

Style and demographic

Our demographic is broad in the sense that it crosses all ages, genders and geographical locations. The Scavenger reader is curious and seeking content that challenges, inspires and motivates action for social change. We welcome contributions from all over the world. We welcome expert and academic contributors, but please write for a layperson. For web writing, keep paragraphs short.

Headline & intro

Please include a working headline and short introduction to your piece. We may not use it exactly but would like your input.


Please check through your article before submitting it, for spelling (especially people’s names, places, book titles etc), grammar and so on. Please see the Terms of Service section on our website before submitting your article.


At the moment we do not have the resources to pay contributors, so all submissions are on a voluntary basis. Your bio will appear at the end of each of your articles, with links to your website and/or blog.

Email your ideas and/or submissions to Katrina Fox: editor [at] thescavenger [dotnet]

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