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Art calendar raises funds for needy charities

Edking_calendarThey are images most artists would only consign to a gallery but what began as a one-off fundraising event for a small Miami not-for-profit has now developed into a global fundraiser to benefit charities around the world, writes M.E. Bell.

14 November 2010

Calendars for a Cause, which raises money for needy charities, shows a series of works from American pop artist Ed King.

Each calendar costs US$20.00. And to help which charity? Well that’s your choice. King has agreed to give 20% of every calendar sold to the buyer’s nominated charity.

Richard Morgan, a Miami clinician who is vice-president of People in Crisis United (Facebook link), says he first approached King to help families who were struggling to cope with the financial pressures of having a child in hospital.

After King was asked to donate some of his works to a silent charity, the artist volunteered his works for the Calendar for a Cause program.

“His work has captured my heart and I am even more enamored after watching him use art to help the kids at our hospital,” Morgan says. “He has a great way of helping our kids through the medium of canvass and art work. As clinicians, we aren't always able to relate with the children but Mr King and his work seems to bridge that gap.”

The program is open to any charity in the world, supporting thousands of charities from the children and families aided by People in Crisis United to the African Conservation Experience in Botswana and South Africa.

And the public response to the calendar? Well grassroots media appears to be sending the Calendar for a Cause phenomenon all a twitter – with the calendar attracting media interest across several blogs and online news sites.

Morgan says for People in Crisis United, the calendars simply help to deliver basic and essential services.

“For my organisation, one calendar purchase could help feed a family who comes in as a trauma in the middle of the night and needs food. Five calendars could also buy several different outfits for children who are wards of the state and stuck in the hospital for medical conditions.

“The best part of this fundraiser is that Mr King does all of the work, and charities get profits from the calendars. The beautiful part is knowing that your purchase is going to make a real difference.”

Copies of the calendar can be purchased at Ed King’s website where you can also find out more information on his work.


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