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When artists meet developers

QueenStSydney-based arts organisation Queen Street Studio teamed up with developer Frasers Property to make temporary use of a vacant property, proving that such collaborations can be a win-win for all involved.

Theatre as HIV prevention tool in native communities

HIVPoverty, lack of access to education and taboos about sexuality have hampered campaigns for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS among indigenous communities in Guatemala. These constraints have led to the development of new ways of communicating vital information, like theatre, writes Danilo Valladares.

Fancy Piece: Embracing the power of queer sexuality

FancyPieceatLunarmorph-2010After being confronted with censorship at their jobs with a circus, duo Holly Bennett and Simone Craswell created bent performance outfit Fancy Piece and run one of Sydney’s most successful queer and erotic cabaret nights, the Pussycat Club. They spoke with Katrina Fox.

Editing in the mind

EditingmindThe mind should be the artist’s first lens, writes Markosul.

Stop exploitative hip hop workshops targeting Indigenous kids

IndigenoushiphopRunning hip hop workshops for Indigenous youth may seem like a good idea, but as Renoriginal points out, they can be paternalistic and exploitative unless you fully engage with the communities you seek to help.

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